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About Us | Who We Are:

Girls Quest’s mission is to nurture girls from low-income families in New York to help them achieve their full potential and become active members of their communities by building academic and social competence. This is done through outdoor experiential education, year-round mentoring, and leadership training programs.

For over 70 years, Girls Quest has provided out-of-school enrichment programming for over 300 disadvantaged girls each year from the greater New York and Catskills regions. Girls are ages 8 to 17, and they participate in a continuum of programming providing year-round experiential education that promotes literacy, ecological awareness, teamwork, peer support and role-modeling, creative expression, problem solving, and leadership.

Summer Experiential Education and Development Program (SEED)
The Summer Experiential Education and Development (SEED) Program is the point of entry for all girls who join Girls Quest, and operates at our Camp Oh-Neh-Tah program site in East Windham, NY, in the heart of the Catskill Mountains. SEED is a fusion of a traditional summer camp experience and an educational program. Girls not only gain life-long memories and friendships, but also a lasting framework for learning to build on long after they return home.

Directly enhancing the lasting impact of SEED, our year-round Mentor Program and Teen Leadership Program provide a continuum of ongoing enrichment in the lives of our girls throughout the year.

Mentor Program
Our Mentor Program matches our girls to professional women who meet with them regularly to provide a positive influence and opportunities for exploration and fun. Matches develop a one-to-one mentoring relationship and meet independently in the community at-large. Matches have the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities throughout the New York City area. Girls Quest mentees have the opportunity to discover who they are, receive advice and support from inspirational women, and gain courage to accomplish their dreams. These valuable tools will help mold our girls to succeed in their futures.

Teen Leadership Program
Our Teen Leadership Program trains older girls to be peer counselors, and provides year-round opportunities to learn together and cope with the many changes and challenges of adolescence.