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Girls Quest is the first recipient of the 2007 "Best People in NYC" Award sponsored by Snapple and the NYC Mayor's Volunteer Center.


For more than 80 years, Girls Quest, formerly known as Girls’ Vacation Fund, has been the key that unlocks a world of possibilities for New York girls.

2017 will be a special year for us as we travel the path to bringing our beautiful camp in East Windham, New York back to life and full use. One of our first goals for the year is to reconnect and engage with Girls’ Vacation Fund and Girls Quest Alumnae. This year we will be sponsoring two Alumnae events at Camp Oh-Neh-Tah: 

·     Alumnae  Volunteer Work Weekend—May 27-28

·     Alumnae Weekend—August 26-27

If you want information about these events, please feel free to contact:

·     Eva Lewandowski at

·      Constance (Connie) Stine at

This year we also hope to kick-off small local events to support Windham youngsters. We are starting with small events, with a goal to slowly move to offering a valuable/developmental experience for inner city and Windham community girls—the core of our Mission.

Another goal for 2017 is to launch a new Website. So check back here during the second half of the year to see our new site and get an update of our progress and future plans. Until our new site is ready, if you have any questions about Girls Quest, feel free to contact our Board President, Eileen Murphy at 212-532-7050. Or you can reach out to Girls Quest at

We look forward to sharing our new Website later this year and seeing Alumnae in May and August.

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