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We are currently not accepting online applications for the 2013 SEED Program at Camp Oh-Neh-Tah. Please check back for an announcement concerning the 2013 summer program.

If you have any questions, please call 212-532-7050.

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Do you have any physical limitations that might prevent you from performing the full responsibilities of the position applied for in a safe and efficient manner? *  Yes      No
If yes, please explain:
We are required to maintain current confidential medical histories on all camp staff. A full medical history will be taken after an offer of employment is made. The offer is contingent upcon compliance with health code regulations.
Do you smoke?  Yes      No
Our camp is a smoke free environment.
Are you prepared not to smoke while at work? *  Yes      No
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Camp Experience   (as a camper or an employee)
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Experience:  Camper      Staff
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Past Work History   Provide a full record of all employment - paid and volunteer.
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Employer and Supervisor:
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Employer and Supervisor:
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Personal Or Work Related Reference    Please list names and contact information of three persons (no relatives) having knowledge of your character, experience, work habits, and ability.
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Certification  List the expiration date and the state certified. Attach a photocopy of additional certifications upon completion of the course.
ARC Lifeguarding ARC Waterfront Lifeguarding
ARC Small Craft Instructor Water Safety Instructor
Standard First Aid CPR
Licensed Driver Archery Instructor
High Ropes Facilitator Low Ropes Facilitator
Nurse Practitioner
Other Certifications - Please List:
Skills Assessment   Please indicate whether you could teach a group of children in any of the following areas, could assist someone teaching the skill, or simply have an interest in any of these areas. Food service, housekeeping and laundry staff skip this section.
Arts and Crafts
Sketching:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Weaving:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Beading:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Ceramics:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Knitting:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Painting:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Photography:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Nature Crafts:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Jewelry:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Other:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Archery:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Volleyball:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Basketball:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Aerobics:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Softball:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Cooperative games:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Fitness:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Yoga:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Other:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Nature/Environmental Science
Animals:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Astronomy:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Birds:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Flowers:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Insects:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Pond:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Trees/Plants:  Teach     Assist    Interest
Eco systems:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Recycling:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Other:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Ropes Course
High ropes:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Teams Course:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Group Initiatives:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Other:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Story Telling:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Theater:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Improv:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Other:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Creative Writing:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Poetry:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Reading:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Newspaper:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Other:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Outdoor Living Skills
Backpacking:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Hiking:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Orienteering:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Outdoor cooking:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Low impact camping:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Camp Craft:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Other:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Singing:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Song Writing:  Teach     Assist     Interest
African dance:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Modern dance:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Jazz dance:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Drumming:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Instrument:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Other:  Teach     Assist     Interest   
Office skills
Computer:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Microsoft Word:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Microsoft Excel:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Bookkeeping:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Other:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Swimming:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Canoeing:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Rowing:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Other:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Sewing:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Design:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Modeling:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Other:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Driver:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Carpentry:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Groundskeeping:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Other:  Teach     Assist     Interest
Positions applying for in order of preference
Do you meet or exceed any minimum age requirements for the position?
 Yes     No     Don't Know
Which age group would you prefer to work primarily with this summer?
 8-10     10-12     12-14
Please describe in detail your experience that would qualify you for the above positions.
Describe the most recent and significant experiences you have had working with children.
What challenges do you anticipate facing while working at camp?
What do you personally want to gain by working at camp this summer?
NOTE: If you wish, you may e-mail a resume, biographical sketch, and /or information that may be relevant to this application.
Criminal Record
Have you ever been convicted of a crime, including sex related or child abuse related offenses? If yes, please describe. (Note: a prior conviction is not an automatic bar to employment. The type of conviction and when it occurred will be evaluated by the camp before any decision is made.) *
 Yes     No
If yes, explain
Please Read And Sign
I authorize investigation of all statements herein and release the camp and all others from liability in connection with the same. I understand that the investigation will include formal criminal background checks. I understand that any untrue, misleading or omitted information submitted by the applicant (including any attached resumes, other written materials or information provided during interviews) will result in dismissal, regardless of the time of discovery by the camp.
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Please Note: Incomplete or overly brief applications will not be considered.

Girls Quest does not discriminate against any applicant due to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, age, religion, disability, alienage, or citizenship status.