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Thank you for your interest in Girls Quest. We hope these questions and answers will help you decide if Girls Quest is, or is not, for you.

Where is Camp Oh-Neh-Tah located?
Camp Oh-Neh-Tah is located on 464 beautiful acres in the Catskill Mountains, in East Windham, NY.

When does the SEED program start? How long is the season?
Our Summer Experiential Education and Development Program (SEED) runs over six weeks, with three two-week sessions.
Read our Parent & Child FAQs for dates.

Do you hire part-time staff?
No. Summer staff are expected to work for the entire summer season.

How many people are at Camp Oh-Neh-Tah during the summer?
There are three two-week sessions over the summer. Each session accommodates approximately 100 girls, ranging in age from 8 to 14. There are approximately 50 seasonal summer staff.

Where do your girls and staff come from?
Our girls come from the metropolitan New York area and the Catskills region. Our staff come from all over the United States, as well as from across the world.

Is there any staff training before the girls arrive?
Yes, there is a eight-day all staff orientation program.

What are my responsibilities as a counselor?
As a cabin counselor, you will live closely with between eight and ten girls, and possibly with another counselor or summer staffer. Most of your responsibilities focus on your girls' daily lives, including supervising cabin clean-up, setting tables in the dining room, and readying your cabin for bedtime and lights out. Be prepared to deal with homesickness, disputes among girls, and other unpredictable moments. However, you will also encourage friendships, share laughs, and form strong bonds between campers.

Will I be paid as a staff member? Are there any other benefits?
Yes. Salary depends on experience and education. Please remember that other benefits as a summer staff member, in addition to salary, include room, board, laundry service, extensive training and support, transportation on time off, organized recreation options, and the experience of a lifetime!

When should I apply?
You should apply now! Currently, we are taking applications for summer staff. Please read the summer job descriptions and fill out our online staff application.

Note: The summer staff application is for U.S. applicants only.

What if I am a citizen of another country?
We hire international staff through InterExchange. Please contact this agency to apply for any summer staff positions.

After I return my application, when will I hear from Girls Quest?
You should receive a response from a Girls Quest staff member within two weeks from submission of your application. Please email if you have any further questions.